Company Profile

An international corporation that is owned and managed by highly qualified and experienced professionals. The officers of the corporation are Raj Varma, President and Sanjay Varma, Vice President, both from Houston, TX, Judy Greenberg, Director of Operations/Business Development, & Cesar Collazo, Director of Sales & Marketing are both in our Puerto Rico/Latin America location.

We actively import/export varied commodities such as Scrap Metals, Recyclables (Plastic, Paper), Gold (Alluvial/Dust/Hallmark), Oil/Crude and Refined products, Sugar, Ethanol, Wheat and many more. We cater to the needs of our clients personally and primarily deal directly with the scrap yards, refineries, ONGC companies, plantation owners, mills or manufacturers or their designated mandates.

By maintaining direct contact in our transactions, we manage to keep prices low and have full control of the cargo from source to client.