Our Officers:

Raj Varma
President, EXIM International, Inc.
President, IT Dimensions, Inc.
Originally from India, Raj migrated to join his family in the USA in 1994. Back in India, he owned Excalibur International, which did export/import of exquisite hand-cut crystal for years. The factory was classified as a “cottage industry”, which would import plain crystal from all over the world, hand-cut the crystal, and then export them back. It was a labor intensive industry, where the craftsmen were hand cutting glass for generations. The quality of workmanship was known to all the major crystal factories in the world. Excalibur International’s leather division exported leather goods to the USSR (now Russia). After coming to the USA, he utilizing the export/import experience and contacts, and launched a number of companies with diverse portfolios.

Sanjay Varma
Vice President, EXIM International, Inc.

Vice President, IT Dimensions, Inc.
President, Autodynamics, Inc.
After completing a Degree in Economics in India, Sanjay came to the USA in 1984. He managed various high end car dealerships for 13 years. He established Autodynamics, Inc. to cater to the automobile needs of a select client base. The dealership is known for its quality product and customer service. The dealership has a 100% client base of repeat and referrals. Sanjay also handles the Commodities and Fresh Food Products Division of EXIM International, Inc.

Judy Greenberg:
Director Of Operations, EXIM International, Inc. based at the New York & Puerto Rico regional offices.

Owner/President of JDZ Enterprises, Inc. (8 years in Houston & New York)
She handles all operations of the company and is in close contact with all our clients. Her varied client base, expertise and instincts in the import/export business, as well as her strong relations with clients, have proven to be an invaluable asset to the firm. Judy's diverse markets and clients extend from Northeast United States to Europe and Puerto Rico. Judy works directly with Raj in operating the ONGC Division.

Cesar Collazo:
Director of Business Development, EXIM International, Inc., Puerto Rico regional office.
He has been Director of Sales & Marketing in the hotel and tourism industry for last 15 years. He holds a Masters Degree in Industrial Psychology. Cesar is the contact person for our suppliers and clients that are in the Caribbean/Latin American market. He also brings to the company a multi-international client base and also the ability to interact with the Latin/Hispanic culture.

Cesar, Judy & Raj