Our Products

Oil/Crude/Refined Products
Acting as facilitating agents for end-buyers or sellers, we have excellent resources in the US, Caribbean; Middle East, Asia, Africa and South America. We have extensive experience in sourcing/marketing crude and refined products. Our Oil representatives have more than 30 years experience and professional contacts in the industry. Our association with refineries all around the globe helps us in maintaining a constant and ample supply of crude oil from most oil producing nations. We have associations with storage and shipping companies who can provide reliable resources at very competitive prices. Our contacts with the refineries enables us to blend Refined Products, like Gasoline, Naphtha, Diesel, Jet fuel, etc., to the buyer’s own analytical specifications. This insures all products will ship exactly as specified. By working with only dependable suppliers, we are in a position to proudly say that long term contracts are fulfilled and consistency of supply is maintained.
We represent and are direct to sugar cooperatives of Brazil and are capable of securing the best prices in the market. We can supply both ‘raw brown’ and 'refined white’ sugar. Though the packaging is normally in bulk 50kg lbs. bags, we are in a position to custom pack the sugar for retail and/or private label the packing. We can do CIF prices. The cost will depend on the quantity and quality of the order, term of contract, destination port, etc. We would prefer orders for shiploads; say 12,500MT. Please be aware that the orders are dependent on the harvesting of the sugarcane and therefore are on a first come basis. The specifications of the refined white sugar are available upon request. Also whatever specs the client prefers will be met. It is NOT possible to give you a quotation for the sugar until the requirements of your market and the needs of your clients are established. The commodity market does affect the guiding prices and we can possibly do better than the people who are already selling to your clients.
Meat Products – Pork/Chicken/Beef/Ostrich
We have an association of farms enabling us to offer USDA inspected frozen Beef, Pork and Poultry from the USA. Another of our meat products that we have a direct representative for is Ostrich. This is an excellent source for export to Europe and Asia. Due to the outbreaks in the beef industry in Europe, they are becoming a big consumer of Ostrich meat.
We have a direct source to provide any quality and quantities of Wheat and Rice from India. Our alliances in the Asian/South East Asian markets allow us to be competitive and consistent.
We have acquired a direct relationship with various Banana plantations in South America and deal exclusively with the owners and/or managers. These plantations grow only the highest quality bananas, of which the "Cavendish Elite" is considered to be the quality of choice in the world markets.
The plantations are located in Columbia, South America and we can provide coffee in bulk, retail pack or private label as the customer chooses.
Tobacco/Blunt Wrap
Tobacco, in leaf form or loose, for those who prefer to roll their own cigarettes or cigars. Another product made from loose processed tobacco is an exciting new way to enjoy a cigar or manually rolled cigarette, called Blunt Wrap. EXIM has the exclusive world distributorship from the factory/manufacturer in Puerto Rico. This Blunt Wrap can be enhanced with flavors, such as Amaretto, Cognac, Cherry, Chocolate, Vanilla or left with just the pure natural tobacco and its own distinctive taste for the cigar connoisseur.
Scrap Metal & Scrap Ships/Tankers
In our small effort to the bigger cause of preserving the natural resources of out Earth we export/import all recyclable products, primarily in Ferrous and Non Ferrous metals. This commodity has a very strong demand in the world market. We deal with a network of over 10 buyer-markets, thereby ensuring an active profitable exit for all our supplies at all times. We have numerous sources that can supply scrap metal, ships, tankers (with and without oil), from many world sites. We currently have exclusive and strong alliances in the Caribbean and Latin Markets for HMS 1&2/Auto/Plastics/Paper recyclables.
We have a direct association with the sellers, allocation holders and mandates to the Urea mills in the Ukraine and Saudi Arabia. Available specifications are “Prilled” and “Granular” .
Precious Metals
Exim International is a direct representative for one of the largest Buyers of precious metals and we welcome genuine offers on precious metals and stones.
Bank Guarantees & Financing for Letter of Credit

EXIM International is a direct representative for some of the largest Buyers of precious metals and we also represent some of the major refiners in the USA. We hold the ability for refining/smelting and hallmark precious metals.